Carrie helps her clients unlock their gifts and awaken their own healing potential so that they can enjoy a happier and healthier life.

Carrie is a certified pendulum Alchemist, Soul alignment coach and published author. She embodies her true calling, as an agent of change and transformation.  

When life feels stuck, it alerts us of some inner-resistance that demands Self-understanding. It challenges our capacity for Self-honesty.


It offers an opportunity to integrate all aspects of You by being 100% You!

When you schedule a session with Carrie, permission is given to access your unique information in the Akashic Records.  You will receive an accurate reading that reveals who you are at Soul-level. It covers aspects of your life you will resonate with, some of which you may be avoiding or denying. 

The information helps you see why you are repeating negative pattern which you seem to have little control over, and how you can change in order to move forward in life. Therein lies the power of consciousness.   

Consciousness empowers you to take self-responsibility so that you can begin to live life from your True state of abundance.  

•    Uncover your Divine Gift
•    Express your highest potential
•    Experience the Life you were born to live


Carrie's book Divine Self-Expression is available for purchase now.

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.” ~ Nikola Tesla

The reading was amazing! I feel like a light has turned on inside me. To know Soul’s purpose is like coming back on track.  I now know how I can begin to heal. ~ Chie Matsuura, Tokyo

“You don't have a Soul.  You ARE a Soul.  You have a body.”

“My past life information was surreal!  The reading resonated and created trust and faith to assist me in making better choices in my life.  It was much more than what I expected.”  ~ Kathleen Doody, London

“A mind-blowing experience!  Opens up a whole new perspective!”

~ Ally Tay, Melaka

“A heart and eye opening reading. I thought I knew myself enough, but the reading provided my heart and soul to further embrace who I truly am, fully understand why I do things a certain way, and to fully realize what I need to do to align. Most importantly I really feel it has helped me fully love myself for all these aspects that are truly me which others may not understand. Thank you Carrie, it is life changing!” ~ Kelly Jill Ng, Vancouver

“It was truly an amazing spot on session! It has given me a much better understanding about myself and the way I am. I sleep so much better now... It's been so long I almost forgot what it feels like to have a good sleep! So happy we crossed paths!”

~ Rina Loshene, Kuala Lumpur

“My session reaffirmed who I am today!  It reiterated my strengths that I will continue to build on. Carrie is personable and passionate about what she does – this ultimately made the experience more comforting. If you want to understand your true self, then be ready to open yourself up to a world bigger than what we physically see.” 

~ Hoi Key Tham, Auckland

“A very illuminating session, especially the program and energetic statement. These are issues I have not liked to confront or even admit. I needed to hear them!” 

~ Sonia Lee, Melaka

“Our session has given me a more expansive understanding of myself.  Carrie has helped me to see how I can take action and empower myself to live a more fulfilling and liberated life! Carrie is a very caring Soul. With the given insights comes much kindness, which is a winning combination.” ~ Tom Ostwald Nice, London

“Carrie is in touch with the cosmos, her reading was transformative, aligned and with connected integrity. Your Soul mission starts here and now, join the evolution on Gaia towards unity consciousness and a new Earth. Carrie is a connected channel to the Divine.” 

~ Ivan Vuckovic, Johannesburg

“I have seen the effects of me being intentionally physical, literally moving, going out and meeting friends. Magic happens! I feel the momentum picking up! So much to share with you, love you dear friend!” ~ Celine Lim, Melaka

“An uplifting experience before the session even began. I could feel clearing already taking place and when checked in with Carrie she confirmed the timing. Have been feeling really light and clear in mind since the session to the point where my boss even noticed the difference.. money worth investing.. a happy client for life.” ~ Joanna Kafouris, London

“Thank you so much Carrie for the Relationship reading. You have a gift. I found it spine chilling; the accuracy with which you have been able to pinpoint the problem. I now know the options I have and thank you also for clearing past restraints. I feel liberated. I am indebted to you.” ~ Kitty D, Essex